Destiny Life Center Church of God, Inc.

Formally Victory Fellowship Church of God, is a church born our of a firestorm of disappointment, difficulty and dysfunctional challenges.  This Refiner’s fire was an amazing place of grace where a small band of Kingdom prayer warriors, intimate in their love for God, dug their way our of the debris and discovered new spiritual dimension and destiny.  This spiritual awakening touched the lives of several families where healing and deliverance was a common experience ushered in by the moving of the Holy Spirit in our midst. 
As the founders Pastor W .Doyle and wife Birdie aged, their son, Pastor Warren Jr. was encouraged to hold the mission together… and that’s exactly what he did as he preached and ..Oh did he preach!
It became apparent to all that the glowing ambers left over from the vision and ministry of Pastor Dad and Mother Staton was still in effect.  United by the power of agreement, God was faithful to provide the new leadership necessary to build and expand the great work.  Praise is to God for our Prayer line partners  for 21 years of fervent prayer daily at the 6 am hour, under the faithful leadership of Mother Ora Dean Young.  Given the charge prophetically by Mother Staton on her death bed to the oldest daughter Karen; it was five years before she totally surrendered to receive the mantle of the call and office.

The Legacy continuesJoin the Celebration!

In Loving memory of Pastor “Dad” W. Doyle and Mother Birdie Stat0n
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